Only Home in New Mexico with a 40′ Wide Waterfall

Where to start, the original builders of the Cliff House placed it right next to a 40′ wide Waterfall.   Water gathers on the sides of the Mesa across the highway and channels of arroyos (dried up rivers) activate during Monsoon Season, mid July to September.    These rushing waters merge with other arroyos and end up going over our waterfall, pouring into the Pecos River.    We are still new to the area, but what from locals tells me it doesn’t happen often.   When it does, the rushing waters will normally be gone in about 20-30 minutes.    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep all children off the Waterfall during and after any rain storm.     Far as our home, we have a massive wall of boulders that protects our home from the flooding waters.   The water has never breached our walls.   

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