Canoe, Kayak, Tubing

Canoe, Kayak & Tubing

We have several different water conditions, and temperatures, through out the year.    For Canoeing, you want to be heading up river from the Dam.   Outside of the Run Off Season in April to June, the water is very calm.    You can easily Canoe about a mile up river, before you run into a big rock dam.   Water depth is anywhere from 1-4 foot.     If you like to Kayak, or Canoe, in fast moving waters, then you want to come during the run off season.   This is the only time of year that you can ride the deeper water many miles down stream.    One popular route is a 2-3 mile journey to the village of San Jose.    If you walk around the Dam in San Jose, you can venture another 2-3 miles down stream.   

Far as tubing, summer is the time to visit the Cliff House.   The Pecos is a nice refreshing 70 degrees.    If you want to just relax and catch some sun, then tube above the dam.  If you want to play in some small rapids, then head below the dam.    There is actually a small stretch for the kids, about 300 foot long, where you can tube down and walk back up and do it again.   

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