Frequently asked questions

Directions to the Pecos River Cliff House?


Beat way to find us is search “Pecos River Cliff House” on your computer, iphone or android device.   Our address does not show up on all maps, but we do have a business ad set up.    It will show you exactly where we are located, and you can do turn by turn directions to our home.


Is the home private from neighbors?

In order to reach our home, you must go through 2 locked gated.   The second gate is a very tall coyote fence.  Once inside that fence, I doubt you will see a single person during your whole trip.

What is in the Kitchen?


We have loaded the Kitchen with everything you could possibly need during your visit.  Dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, pots, pans, Keriug Machine with plenty of free K cups, Coffee Maker, Microwave, you name it.


Can we make a Camp Fire by the river?


Yes you can!  We actually have 2 camp fires already built by the river, with plenty of fresh wood cut for our guests to use.    We even have a campfire grill and utensils.

Will my cell phone work at the Cliff House?


Most of Pecos, has very little cell phone coverage.  BUT, there is a cell tower located right next to the Cliff House.    So cell phone service won’t be an issue.

Do you have Wifi?

Yes, we do have wifi at the house.    We have 10 megabits download and about 1.3 upload speed.    We will have fiberoptics in our area before Summer.   So speeds will be even faster.

Can I shoot guns at the Cliff House?


Even though we are in the desert mountains, there is a small village down the street.  With that said, you are welcome to shoot guns up to 22’s at the Cliff House.   Just try to be a little conservative.    BUT, the National Forest is across the river and there is another shooting area up on the Mesa (across freeway).   You can shoot all day long, with any size gun you want at those locations.



Is there a Steam Room at the Cliff House?


We do have a steam room and keep the temperature about 110 degrees.  BUT BE CAREFUL!  The steam is very powerful.   You might want to crack the door open a little and program a short timer at first.

How many guest can we bring?


We are pretty laid back on guests, just keep in mind there is only one bathroom.  The bathroom is huge, but still just one bathroom.    We have a King Bed in Master, Queen Bed in Guest Room and a Queen Sleeper Sofa (Memory Foam) in the Living Area.    We are also adding a roll away twin bed this Spring to the House.


Can we see a lot of stars from the Cliff House?


When the sky is clear, be prepared to see millions and millions of up close stars.    The night sky is amazing due to our elevation.

Any other questions? Please Contact Us